As the virus is still actively spreading in Île-de-France, the ENSAPC asks all its users to scrupulously respect the health instructions and preventive measures in order to limit the risk of infection.

The school will now close its doors at 6pm until January 31st 2021 unless renewed.

Measures to be respected within the school:

– Wearing a mask as soon as you enter the school is mandatory and must be worn continuously except during meals and drinks in all areas including the courtyard. These masks must guarantee a filtration higher than 90% (masks with high filtration performance such as so-called surgical masks complying with standard EN 14683, FFP2 or equivalent, masks for the general public made of washable and reusable fabric UNS1 / category 1 complying with the recommendations of Afnor).

– A distance of at least 2 meters must be respected between people in the school.

– It is reminded of the importance of washing hands very often to avoid contagion by contact.

– Ventilation of the premises is mandatory. The lessons are carried out open doors, as far as possible.

– The doors of the offices and the corridors (except fire doors) are left open during the day, as much as possible, in order to limit the contact of the door handles.

– A gauge is established for rooms and workshops. It is indicated on the door of each room and must be respected.

– Hydroalcoholic gel, wipes or disinfectant with absorbent paper are available in the workshops, corridors, rooms where equipment is used in common and near the dispensers.

In case of coronavirus contamination by an agent, teacher or student:

Any administrative agent, teacher or student who develops one or more symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty to breath, headaches, loss of taste and/or smell, diarrhea, sore throat…) is invited not to go to the reception desk, to be tested and to inform the school if s·he is affected by Covid-19 and to respect the instructions given by his·her doctor and the health services. Anyone who knows to have been in contact with a person suffering from Covid-19 is invited to be tested and to inform the school in case of positivity. The establishment informs the ARS (Regional Health Agency).