ENSAPC doctoral seminar 

Presentation of current research and reception of new doctoral students

October 30, 2020

9.30am -6pm – online

This first session of the ENSAPC doctoral seminar proposes to host the work and research of doctoral students in art from our Graduate School, Humanities, Creation and Heritage, and invites two ENSAPC professors to join the exchanges. For the past three years, the doctorates in art conducted at ENSAPC have been questioning the practices, frameworks and “excellence” expected from this type of work.

Placed under the sign of certain strong statements produced by the artists who will intervene, “For a living thesis”, “The cycle of concerns”, “(For) an ethics-aesthetics of emancipation”, “For a literature of edges”… this day intends to welcome discussions and reflections nourished by a variety of practices, gestures, positioning, narratives, which do not intend to make a system nor to establish fixed methodologies or definitions of what a practice-led doctorate can be.

Running through the school and its undergraduate and graduate teaching, art research is renewing a dimension that is resolutely open to transmission and sharing, which is important for us to defend at a time when the world must reinvent its ways of communicating and living together, just as it questions, in a double address to artists and researchers, the historical and strategic articulations of their practices.