Alfred Etherington, Corbeau mort, gravure du XIXème

Alfred Etherington, Corbeau mort, gravure du XIXème

Exhibition from January 16th to January 30th 2021

With: Communauté Béta, Kévin Blinderman et Azzeazy

Curator: Hugo Bausch Belbachir (étudiant ENSAPC)

In an article published shortly before his death, Pier Paolo Pasolini evoked, through the luminous and altered image of tiny insects, human bodies filled with love and desire and their inability to survive in a world destroyed by the industrial system. This is how the exhibition Aphélie, toutes les étoiles sont déjà mortes [Aphelia, all the stars are already dead] tends to highlight a worried relationship to the world, upset by climatic, political and social turmoils. It is intended as a place of refuge with an uncertain status, inhabited by the thermal sculptures of Kévin Blinderman, the drawing of a disturbing double figure by Azzeazy and a sound installation by Communauté Béta with purgatory and contemplative echoes.

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