Unexpected Items In The Bagging Area : Coproduction ENSAPC / Ircam

Unexpected items in the bagging area is a project developed between École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) and Ircam (co-production Ircam / Philippe Langlois) around a research workshop directed by artists and tutors Yann Beauvais and Jérôme Combier together with Grégoire Lorieux and Sébastien Naves (Ircam) on the theme of “moving images and sound experiences”.

Taking the notions of projected image and experimental cinema as a starting point, a group of students from ENSAPC has developed reflections, lines of research, visual and musical pieces all linked with different mediums such as poetry, improvised music, musical programming or installation.

Originally intended to be exhibited both at Ircam and Ygrec-ENSAPC (ENSAPC’s art centre), these new creations, will be available on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) from June 15, 2020. Each day, some extracts, adaptations, trailers and original artworks made by seven students from ENSAPC (Dylan Altamiranda, Yannis Briki & Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit, Lina Filipovich, Aurélie Massa, Loïck Mfoundou, Amosphère) will be revealed. All produced collaboratively with Ircam.

Facing isolation, inaccessibility to certain artistic and technological tools and uncertainty, it seemed important to both teachers and students to show that “beyond the constraints of the present time, creative and collective commitments are means through which the living affirms itself. “(Yann Beauvais)

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