Lecture by Kristin ROSS – October, 12 2021 – 4:30pm

We are pleased to invite you to a lecture by Kristin Ross, historian, French literature specialist and translator:

The Seventh Wonder of the ZAD

The conference will take place next Tuesday, October 12, at 4:30 pm, in the ENSAPC auditorium, and will be followed by a discussion.

“One could say that the coherence of my work lies mainly in my interest in the oppositional resources of everyday life. How to make such resources visible? In the case of the Commune or the ZAD, it is not a matter of paying attention to their ideals, but rather to what Marx called their “existence in act”.” https://www.revue-ballast.fr/kristin-ross-le-passe-est-imprevisible/

Kristin Ross has taught literature and history at New York University and the University of California. Her books in French include Mai 68 et ses vies ultérieures (2005), Rouler plus vite, laver plus blanc (2006), Rimbaud, la Commune de Paris et l’invention de l’histoire spatiale (2013), and L’imaginaire de la commune (2015).