Exhibition: March 12 – 26, 2022
Wed – Sat, 1pm – 7pm

Opening – Friday March 11th, 2022, 6pm to 9pm
Performance – La mort de Dalila by Gral, starting at 6pm

With the participation of : Maxime Andres, Kenza Belghiti-Alaoui, Nathan Ghali, Gral, Nicolas Lebeau, Mildred de Lesquen, Wei Pan, Mathis-Charly Porcel, Nazia Remtoulah, Maxime Vignaud, Hélène Yamba-Guimbi

Guest artist: Marina Gadonneix
Invitation: Studio Photographies (Christian Genty and Jeff Guess), ENSAPC

Photography is also based on what our eyes cannot see: thoughts, energies, fluids… Starting from this observation, Marina Gadonneix, invited by the Studio Photographies, proposed developing a link between each student’s photographic practice and a fantasy, that of parapsychology and the paranormal, telepathy and telekinesis, thoughtography. Overlapping networks of floating ideas, strange images, illuminating imprints and experiences that attempt, via the image, to communicate with the invisible and to welcome the viewers.