Literary creation

Laure Limongi, writer, was born in 1976 in Bastia.

Her predilection for words, expression is expressed through different gestures, different media. As an author, she has published, since 2002, a dozen books between novel, poetry and essay, such as: J’ai conjugué ce verbe pour marcher sur ton cœur (L’Attente, 2020), On ne peut pas tenir la mer entre ses mains (Grasset, 2019), Anomalie des zones profondes du cerveau (Grasset, 2015), Indociles (Léo Scheer, 2012). She gives lectures that echo the universe of her works. As a publisher, she has directed the “&” collection at Al Dante (2001-2003) and “Laureli” at Léo Scheer (2006-2012) and has published some sixty books. As a professor: before teaching at ENSAPC, she co-directed the Master of Literary Creation of Le Havre (ESADHaR-University of Le Havre) for six years.

Her literary work is profoundly transdisciplinary, weaving links to music, performance, visual arts… but also history or sciences. If her first books show a certain metal literary tendency, the most recent ones reinvest a form of subjectivity while exploring the rigour of investigation.