Luc Lang is a writer and art theorist. Author of novels (Voyage sur la ligne d’horizon [Gallimard, 1988], Liverpool marée haute [id. 1991], Furies [id. 1995], Mille six cent ventres [Fayard, 1998], Les Indiens [Stock, 2001], La fin des paysages [id. 2006], Cruels, 13 [id. 2008], Esprit chien [id. 2010]), a “road story” in the American West (11 septembre mon amour [Stock, 2003]) and theoretical works on art and literature (Les Invisibles, 12 récits sur l’art contemporain, [ed. du Regard, 2002], Notes pour une poétique du roman [Inventaire/Invention, 2002]) and multiple contributions to Arstudio, exhibition catalogues and Cahiers de recherche (all available at the ENSAPC library).

Teaches aesthetics from a corpus of visual works, all media combined, including video, cinema, architecture, mainly for the second half of the 20th century until today.