Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil

Photography, imagery

Born in 1968, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil is an artist on the lookout. Since the mid-1990s, he has been working on unveiling the invisible structures that inform our relationship to a reality that is always already mediatized. Without respite, he questions the fabrication of the image envisaged in its political space. Visibility/invisibility, luminosity/darkness, memory/forgetfulness, what we know/what we think we know, evoking without showing, saying without narrating… are all markers to apprehend these works that shape the codes organizing the flow of images”.

Introductory text by Frank Lamy for his solo exhibition “INCLUDE ME OUT” at MACVAL (2013-2014)

Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil is a laureate of the Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art (2010) as well as a former resident of the Villa Medici (2010) and participates in numerous institutional and museum exhibitions in France and abroad (Palais de Tokyo, Fondation Ricard, MACVAL, Fondation Caixa, Generali Foundation, Swiss Institute of NY…).