Yann Beauvais

Cinema, video

Born in 1953, filmmaker, independent curator, art critic specialising in experimental cinema and the transdisciplinarity between cinema and other arts, programmer of numerous events, among which, “Monter sampler l’échantillonnage généralisé”, Centre Georges Pompidou 2001, “Malcolm LeGrice le Temps des Images” Espace Multimédia Gantner 2011, Kuir Bogota 2015. 1° Forum do Movimentos das Imagens, Recife. 2016 .
Co-founder of Light Cone in 1981 and Scratch in 1982 in Paris. Co-founder (2011-2015) with Edson Barrus of B3 in Recife.
His films and installations were presented in numerous events, represented in different national and international collections.
The question of transcinema multiplying the cinematic field is understood as much through directing, research and teaching as through the exploration of formal languages, activism and their articulations and uses in the media.