Composer and artistic director of the Cairn Ensemble. Graduated from the CNSM of Paris in composition (Emmanuel Nunes), orchestration and musical analysis classes. Master’s degree – The principle of variation with Anton Webern – at the University of Paris 8, Saint-Denis, under the direction of Antoine Bonnet. Resident at the Villa Médicis, prize of the Bleustein- Blanchet Foundation, Pierre Cardin prize of the Academy of Fine Arts. Jérôme Combier works regularly at IRCAM (Stèles d’air, Gone). Travels to Japan (Akiyoshidai Iternational Art Village), Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (Tashkent and Almaty Conservatories). In 2008 he is professor for the composition session of the Abbaye de Royaumont. In 2005, he imagined Vies Silencieuses with the painter Raphaël Thierry and in 2008, the installation Noir Gris with the video artist Pierre Nouvel for the exhibition “Beckett” at the Centre Georges Pompidou. He writes Stèles d’air for the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Festival d’Automne in Paris. His music is played at the Louvre as part of the cycle “Le Louvre invite Pierre Boulez”. In 2011, with Pierre Nouvel and Bertrand Couderc, he adapts for the stage the novel by W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz, created at the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence. In 2012, he writes the opera Terre et cendres with Atiq Rahimi. Opéra de Lille, Opéra de Lyon, Orchestre National de France, Orchestre National de Lyon, Ictus, 2e2m, Accroche Note, BBC Orchestra Wales, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players.

Jérôme Combier’s music is published by Lemoine Editions and recorded by the Motus and Æon labels (vies silencieuses – grand prix de l’Académie Charles Cros).

Records :
– Pays de vent, by the Ensemble Cairn and the Orchestre National de France, Motus label, 2001
– Vies silencieuses, by the ensemble Cairn, label Æon, 2005