welcoming international students

Ensapc believes that welcoming students with diverse outlooks and experiences improves the school’s effectiveness as a locus of sharing, interaction, and research.

Breaking down lines of age and medium of expression, ENSAPC delivers instruction based on the interplay between media (painting, photography, performance, video, …) and between visual and theoretical approaches. By virtue of the à la carte structure of its curriculum, it enables students to take a proactive stance to their artistic growth, one based on each individual’s dynamism and autonomy.

ENSAPC believes that welcoming students with diverse outlooks and experiences affirms the school as a locus of sharing, interaction, and research.

Coming to ENSAPC to earn a degree

International students wishing to enroll at ENSAPC beginning with the first year of the curriculum or to enter ENSAPC in mid-curriculum as a transfer student will find application information under the Admissions tab.

Coming to ENSAPC under an exchange program

Internationals seeking to spend a short period at ENSAPC as an exchange student are encouraged to begin by visiting the study abroad office at their home institution. With the permission of their home school, which may have to join ENSAPC’s long list of partners, students may then submit an application to ENSAPC.

The deadlines for submitting applications are as follows:
May 15 for the fall semester (October through January)
November 15 for the spring semester (February through June).

Applications consist of the following elements :
– Application form
– Digital portfolio
– Curriculum vitae
– Letter explaining reasons for wishing to study at ENSAPC

Students are advised to have a good command of French.

Contact : Nina Volz, Head, International Relations

French language lessons

All international students can take advantage of weekly French-language lessons offered at the Centre de Langue Française de l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise. Incoming students are given a proficiency test to determine their level. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. The courses are free for ENSAPC students.

Prepare your stay: International student handbook