September 1, 2019–June 1, 2020

Application deadline: May 2

Art by Translation is open to four artists seeking to further their research through a postgraduate program dedicated to translation in the arts.

AbT is a research and exhibition program initiated by École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy and École Supérieure des Beaux Arts TALM Angers directed by Maud Jacquin and Sébastien Pluot, founding directors and Jeff Guess, pedagogical director. Supported by the French Ministry of Culture, AbT collaborates with a host of international academic and art institutions.

AbT proposes an experimental platform allowing projects to develop organically in various contexts and in different forms: artworks, exhibitions, study sessions, symposia and publications with prominent invited lecturers. Its model breaks with the classical “research-exhibition-publication” chronology and aims to reconfigure the traditional boundaries between disciplines. The program stimulates collaborations and exchanges, encouraging the redistribution of roles and competencies.

For 2019–20, the program proposes to experiment with the notion of “entangled times” as a way of analyzing the trajectories and translations of artworks in unpredictable contexts. Two main projects will be developed in three different venues:

–An exhibition at Galerie Art & Essai, Université Rennes 2 in collaboration with the seminar “Listening to the Archives” at the university’s art department. A piece by artist Silvia Kolbowski, which involves the translation of an earlier project by Michael Asher through various contexts, will act as a case study to examine issues of historicization and dissemination of the artwork by its translators. This work will serve as a platform for the production of new works by AbT participants.

–A workshop at Lizière and an exhibition at The Emily Harvey Foundation will engage the production of artworks placed in a Time Box to be opened in 25 years. A vinyl record will be produced with sound and texts imagining the zeitgest of 2045. This project builds upon two historical precedents that will also be shown: Time Box by Stephen Antonakos with works by Richard Artschwager, Daniel Buren, Sol LeWitt and Robert Ryman (1975-2000) and works sealed in the walls of the EHF.

AbT will also produce a symposium on « Mel Bochner and Translation » at the Centre Georges Pompidou – Bibliothèque Kandinsky and a workshop with Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus in partnership with the Design Department ENS-Paris-Saclay.

Work sessions (precise dates to be confirmed):
–1 week in Rennes (France), September–October 2019
–2 weeks in Rennes (France), November 2019
–2 weeks in Lizieres and Paris (France), March 2020
–1 week in New York (USA), May 2020
–Monthly group discussions on Skype during the year

Associated researchers for 2019–20
Alexander Alberro, Claire Brunet, Berdaguer & Péjus, Catherine Geel, Silvia Kolbowski, Ramuntcho Matta, Julia Robinson, Naomi Spector, Yann Sérandour, Trevor Stark, Christian Xatrec, Elvan Zabunyan, Anne Zeitz, etc.

Partners for 2019–20
The Galerie Art & Essai, Université Rennes 2 ; Lizières Residency ; Emily Harvey Foundation; Design Department ENS-Paris-Saclay. For a full list of partners consult our web platform.

–Accommodations are paid by the program.
–Each participant will receive a production and traveling grant of 3000 EUR

–The selected candidates will participate in all of the program’s work sessions and exhibitions, produce works and present their practice in various contexts.
–The candidates must have a Master’s degree from a university and/or art school
–The program is in English.

Selection is based on the quality of the work and its relationship with the theme of research: translation in the arts. A crucial criteria is the ability to work collaboratively.

We invite the candidates to provide the following documents:
–Detailed resume.
–Portfolio. (if video and/or sound, please send a link to Vimeo or Youtube).
–Letter of motivation, max. 500 words describing current research and its relevance to translation in the arts.
–Diploma or an official letter attesting to having a Master’s degree.

Applications and questions are to be sent to the following

The ten short-listed candidates will be auditioned by Skype on May 15, 2019.