janet e. dandridge workshop FLUIDITY

In Dreams: The Living Museum – Margaret Washington’s Accidental Acceptance of Action, 2016 © janet e. dandridge

In Dreams: The Living Museum – Margaret Washington’s Accidental Acceptance of Action, 2016 © janet e. dandridge

Invited by ENSAPC and selected for the Institut français/ Cité internationale des arts residency, janet e. dandridge offers a workshop on artivism:

Applying Artivism (art + activism)
Creating collective art and art-actions that will foster positive change within the political, social, and economic structures of our neighborhood, city, country.  Participants will converse about a chosen subject(s), determine what issue they’d like to address, and create solutions that can be implemented as artworks and/or art actions.  FLUIDITY is a different approach to artist talks, where the artist and public exchange ideas in an open dialogue culminating in the creation of Artivism.  The artist(s) will use their specific medium(s) to work with the public in producing artwork(s) to be shared and/or displayed in the public and/or private arenas.  The FLUIDITY mantra is “Discourse. Assess. Strategize. Act. Repeat.”  In turn, each time a FLUIDITY idea is born, that team or individual’s produced ideas and works will be shared on an online database to ensure the fluid distribution of ideas that others can use in their respective environments.  This free exchange of ideas for change is key in the global movement to elevate the minds and spirits of one another through the power of art.  When an idea is duplicated, the results of that duplication will also be shared on the database.  This will create ongoing discourse, exchange of ideas, and evolution of mentalities, skills, and unity.

 Ideas created and shared in the name of FLUIDITY are for the promotion and expansion of good will, peace, love, understanding, empathy, and positive progress.  Anything that promotes negativity for the sake of negativity will be immediately removed from the database, and is not supported by FLUIDITY.

janet e. dandridge employs artivism (fine art + activism) to create and promote awareness, discourse, and solutions on social-political ideologies that perpetuate laws and agendas coercing the removal of individual agency, intellectual advancement, and justice.  Using performance art, installation, photography, and technology, janet examines individual and collective trauma & resilience of normalized racism, misogyny and otherness.  Spirituality and the personal empirical (private experiences as empirical data) are key components that guide janet in her creations.  Additionally, she creates abstract works pondering upon the obvious and the obscure, adjusting her focus to gaze beyond reality into the sub-conscious.

janet volunteers as a Creative Consultant for human rights organizations such as the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders; and promotes open-source economics with art + technology projects such as FLUIDITY – currently being developed as an online database of artistic actions that can be used worldwide by individuals whom desire to affect social and political change through art.  janet also works as an Artistic Director for the Los Angeles-based band, The Milky Way.

The Artivist, artist and activist.

In collaboration with Cité internationale des arts and Institut français