100% Performance, Villette

From 20 to 31 March 2019

Showcase of French know-how, 100% EXPO initiates a new regular appointment in the contemporary art calendar. The Grande Halle and the Folies de La Villette become the playground for more than 100 young artists, who have graduated from schools within the last 4 years. Visual arts, installations, films, videos, design, fashion, performances…

A place of research and experimentation renowned for the emergence of innovative artistic forms, the ENSAPC (in collaboration with its art centre YGREC) builds a programme of performances tailored to the spaces of the Grande Halle: strolling forms, readings, dance performances and sound poetry.

Alumni from ENSAPC who participated are the following:

Jisoo Yoo, Ma maison en l’air

Ambulatory performance

Duration 3h – outside on the park


Josèfa Ntjam, Hilolombi #2 et si nos corps en formes de gouttes côtoyaient les étoiles 

Performance with video excerpts

Duration 30 min – Grande Halle


Violaine Lochu, Sonor K 

Voice and body performance

Duration 25 min – Grande Halle


Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Ensevelie

Vocal and ambulatory performance

Duration 45 min – Grande Halle

La Verbe, Claude, film policier


Duration 30 min • Grande Halle


Dominique Gilliot, La Station Debout

Vocal performance

Duration 40 min • Grande Halle


Méryll Ampe, Untitled (Création 2019)

Sound performance

Duration 45 min • Grande Halle


Nana Benamer, Ninfa 

Live music performance

Duration 40 min • Grande Halle