From 10 july - 8 august 2020
Wednesday to Saturday 1pm-7pm
free entrance

29-31 rue Henri Barbusse
93300 Aubervilliers



From 10 july – 8 august 2020

Il y avait des odeurs qui marchaient is a project developed by artist Tiphaine Calmettes for Ygrec- ENSAPC as part of Un été culturel en Île-de-France.

During four weeks, the artist will transform the art centre into a space for research, experimentation and production (including craft, culinary and vegetal) in which visitors will be able to discover some ongoing artworks.

Tiphaine Calmettes’ project will allow the space to be metamorphosed and become a place where Kombucha can be produced (living fabric, symbiose of bacteria and yeast which spreads and expands) as well as a space for culinary experiment where the public will see, smell and taste edible objects. As a result, the sculptures will follow a weekly evolution within an exhibition that constantly moves and grows in a similar way as living organisms.

In between an exhibition and a residency, this project is also a platform for encounters and interactions between the artist, a selection of guests (chef, philosopher, curator) and the audience, invited on the occasion of three events: thursday 23 july, thursday 30 july and saturday 8 august. Through artistic, culinary, social, philosophical and therefore political reflections, the artist questions our uses and habits whether they are linked to the way we visit an exhibition, eat bread, sit at a table or, more broadly, the way we consider the living.

23 july – 18:00-20:30
Artist Tiphaine Calmettes will be in conversation with Ariane Leblanc (project coordinator of La Semeuse at Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers) and Guillaume Breton (director of the art centre Ygrec). Through an exhibition tour they will be presenting the different works in progress in the space and will discuss how these productions are part of a larger artistic research linked with the notion of the living. On this occasion, the audience will be invited to try some new edible creations.

30 july – 19:30-22:00
A narration comestible (“edible narrative”), organised by the artist will feature a menu produced
in collaboration with chef Amélie Rosselot. This meal will be written and composed together with objects, aliments, smells, colors, textures, flavors; elements of a narrative evoking forgotten beliefs, ways of thinking associated with their use and new possibilities that they conceal.

8 august – 15.00-19.00
Public talk between artist Tiphaine Calmettes and philosopher Emanuele Coccia (La vie des
plantes – une métaphysique du mélange, Métamorphoses). The artist and the philosopher will be discussing the notion of metamorphosis (at the centre of the artist’s practice) as a phenomenon which links together all species, unites the living to the mineral and they will explore the questions of interdependency between bacterias, virus, mushrooms, plants and animals as a result.

Tiphaine CALMETTES (Ivry-sur-Seine, 1988) lives and works in Paris. Constantly evolving, her sculptures and her installations create new modes of coexistence between elements that seem at first to be distinct. Including concrete, soil, moss, lichen but also prints and casts of plants, animals and body parts, her artworks activate narratives which inform our perception and relationship to the world.

Tiphaine Calmettes has exhibited her work at La Panacée MOCO (Montpellier), Zoo galerie (Nantes), CAC La Traverse (Alfortville), at Kunstwerk Carlshütte (Büdelsdorf, Germany), at l’École normale supérieure de Lyon, Biennale de Lyon 2019. In 2020, winner of the AWARE price, she exhibits
at Centre Céramique contemporaine La Borne (Henrichemont). She is currently in residency at Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and prepares a solo show at Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière (Beaumont-du-Lac) together with two group shows: La vie des tables, Le Crédac (Ivry-sur-seine) and Rituel.le.s, IAC (Villeurbanne). Tiphaine Calmettes is the winner of the artist residency program of the region for 2020-2021 and will therefore be starting a residency at le Crédac towards the end of 2020.

With the support of the culture programme of the region Île-de-France — Ministry of Culture.